Four Acre Wood - a journal of regeneration

After living here for fifteen years we are finally getting to work on our view from the back of the house. We're taking down the Sitka Spruce that blocks the beautiful view across the valley and beginning the task of replanting the area with indigenous broad-leaf trees common to North Devon such as oaks, beeches, ash, hazel, cherry, holly etc.


Now's the time to collect acorns, beech nuts, hazel nuts, ash seeds, rowan berries and sloes. We're going to plant these seeds in a holding bed in the veg patch and then, when they are year old whips, we'll transplant them into the woodland area in the winter 2014.

We'll never see the trees grow to maturity but we feel its our contribution to this beautiful spot where we live and for generations to come.

Can't wait!

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